When The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Who and Eric Clapton are being recognized for their contributions, I feel I have to be there.  I reserve a room in The Waldorf-Astoria, put on a tux, and one way or another, sneak and finagle my way into these historic musical nights.

Once inside the ballroom, I feel very proud because I know as a loyal fan who has supported and attended all of their concerts since 1974, this is where I belong.

On several occasions, I've sat or stood by a table where the higher ups in the music business would be laughing and talking through the induction speeches.  These women, after a few glasses of wine, act like silly fools, and would not know Neil Young if he sat right next to them.  So, I block out their stupidity, pay attention and take my photos of these "once in a lifetime" moments as they pass.

I will not be going to any more inductions at the Waldorf since all of my favorites are in.  The nominating committee should finally vote in the overlooked Moody Blues and then lock the doors, preserving the honor of the artists who really do deserve to be in the elite group of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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3rd Annual Induction
4th Annual Induction
5th Annual Induction

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7th Annual Induction 01/15/92 9th Annual Induction 01/19/94 10th Annual Induction 01/12/95 15th Annual Induction 03/16/00

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