B.B. was in New York doing shows with the Phillip Morris Band when he stayed at our hotel.  Here is a quick story I will always remember about B.B.:

When B.B. was checking out, I was called to help him and his entourage with their luggage and equipment.  I made two or three trips down from his room and left their luggage in the front of the hotel for the doorman to load into their three waiting limos.

Someone from Mr. King's entourage gave me $50 and the doorman $50 as a tip.  Then I heard B.B. ask the gentleman who gave us the same tip how much he gave me and the doorman.  After he learned that he gave me and the doorman the same amount ($50), B.B. called me over, asked for the $50 back and gave me $100.  He then turned to his friend and explained to him that I did more work and spent more time than the doorman, so he should have tipped me more.

Now, doesn't that tell you a lot about the King of the Blues?

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