In the early 1980s, The Grateful Dead stayed in our hotel until they were banned for damage to the rooms.  In fairness to the band, they always promptly paid for all repairs.

In 1982, the Bell Captain's phone rang.  I answered.  Jerry's on the line and wants me to bring up a pack of Camel cigarettes.  I grab the cigarettes and my camera and head up to Room 3419.

When I rang the bell, Jerry came to the door with money in hand.  I said "that's all right" and mentioned I was going to the Garden concert that night with plans to take photos of you and your band.  He started laughing and invited me in.  I'll never forget seeing the room in such a mess, and cartoons were blasting on the TV.  There were burn marks on the carpet right next to the bed and there were two room service trays on the floor.  We chatted briefly and I took a few shots.  Later, he said he would come down to the lobby and I could take a photo with him.  The out of focus photo was taken by Bellman Fausto.

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