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The rock and blues musicians in this photo gallery portray my favorite artists doing what they enjoy most, performing on stage for knowledgeable music fans like you and I.  These photos that I have taken over the last 20+ years are reflections of the love and respect I have for their amazing contributions to rock and roll music.

Music is most often created with the intent of being shared and enjoyed by many people.  What started out as a hobby of mine photographing special, sometimes rare, performances has turned into an enjoyable obsession which I also want to share with you.  When sitting in the first ten rows, I am constantly approached by disappointed fans wishing they too had brought their camera with them.  Neil Young sings "This Note's For You."  Well, these photos and memories are for you.  As a rock concert fan who has like me gone through hell to get good tickets to these shows, you have earned and deserved these photos.

Unlike other photographers, I will keep the cost of my professionally developed, high quality 8 X 10 photos fan friendly.  I hope you agree that $25 per shot or 6 pictures for $125 - shipping and handling included is a reasonable price, considering the expense and time I put in to obtain these amazing pictures.

All of these pictures were taken with a Canon AEI with a Vivitar 70-210 zoom lens.  I don't use a flash because it would be a distraction to the musicians on stage and the flash would tip off security.  If you're wondering how I sneak my camera into these concerts, take a trip to
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland.  In a short film "Fans," which runs constantly on the main floor, I explain and demonstrate my secret method (which is not a secret anymore!).

Since 1982, I have worked as a bellboy in a fine 800-room hotel in midtown Manhattan.  I thank management and my fellow bellmen who kindly switched and altered their work schedules to accommodate my rock and roll nights.

Thanks to my wife Liz and son Michael
, who have the patience of saints for allowing me the freedom to chase these acts from town to town.  Yes, don't worry - I sometimes take them along with me!

Thanks to my small circle of old friends and brother Anthony for putting up with my shenanigans, and for the most part, allowing me to do things my way.

Sorry, Mom and Dad - I was too young to get any pictures of Glenn Miller or Benny Goodman!

Virginia Lohle / StarFile    

Attending these classic rock concerts has kept my spirit high and adrenaline rushing.  I am amazed that I can hold the camera steady while being so close to these living legends.  We must realize how fortunate we are to be alive at the same time and to witness these musicians/songwriters performing their classic rock songs for us.  I am confident their music will be enjoyed by generations to come.


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